Frequently Asked Questions

What is the random required on-campus testing and how do students get notified?

WPU will be implementing on-campus random required COVID-19 testing throughout the semester, as an added safety measure. Students will be required to participate and will be chosen using a computer generated, random selection process. The intent is to ensure that we can identify any health concerns before they impact our on-campus experience.

Every Friday at 3PM an email will be sent to those students randomly selected (using computer generated process), and include directions and a link to register for testing.

  • Testing will take place on Tuesday and Thursday between 1 an 3:30 PM.
  • The location is at the large white tent outside of Joyner House.

Students who do not comply with the initial request for testing will receive a written warning and will have 7-days to comply with the initial request for testing. Further non compliance after this warning can result in University probation up to removal from housing, and will be at the discretion of the Student Conduct office.

HERE is a list fo FAQs for this on-campus testing.

Additional questions can be directed to