Frequently Asked Questions

What is the comprehensive COVID testing policy for the return to campus (after holiday break)?

WPU is implementing a re-entry testing requirement following the holiday break. All students returning to campus after the holiday break (Spring 2021 semester) must participate in COVID-19 testing* and receive a negative result. The test* must be taken at a time that will provide results within 5 days of your scheduled return date. For example, if you are required to return to campus on January 15, you must receive negative test results between January 10 and January 14. Please plan accordingly for the January 1 holiday when testing may not be available or results may be delayed.

  • * January 5, 2021: This must be a┬álab-confirmed COVID test, which does not include a rapid test.
  • Students who will be on-campus for ANY reason (residence halls, classes, library, athletics, dining, work study, etc.) MUST be tested before returning to campus.
  • Failure to comply with re-entry COVID testing will result in a lack of access to campus as your Pacer card will be invalid.
  • You must upload a copy of your test results to your Magnus Health portal.
  • If you have any questions, please email