Weekly Student Communication (TUG) | February 24, 2021

WPU Student Community,

Celebrate Pacer Day and let’s focus on the positive.

Today is Pacer Day! Take some time to rest, recharge, and enjoy the fun events that are planned to practice self care. Treat yourself to a free scoop of Two Roosters, or learn how caring for plants can be a form of self-care. Be sure you also stop by Main Parlor and put together your own self care package. There are tons of goodies for you to choose from including chocolate mug cakes, bubble wands, and shower steamers. You can view the Full Pacer Day Schedule on Instagram @wpustudentlife. 

While we appreciate and recognize that most all of you are following the health and safety measures, we know that there are others that may ‘forget’? Masks, social distancing and washing your hands are necessary and we must all participate, so please think about the health and safety of others. There are consequences for non-compliance and WPU will address these situations.

COVID Corner with Dr. Scott, WPU University Physician

Q: Why is it that the sports teams can practice even though many of the campus outbreaks in the fall were on the sports teams? 

A: It is important to note that we did not have a single case of transmission through athletic competition but rather social gatherings of athletes and non-athletes. WPU athletic teams are following guidelines and protocols set forth by William Peace University, the NCAA and by the USA South Athletic Conference. In addition, student athletes are being tested very regularly (in addition to the random testing being conducted for the student-body overall). There were clusters in November involving athletic teams, necessitating a temporary shutdown of athletic activities. But subsequently, no further outbreaks have occurred amongst teams, and current infections within the student body mirror existing athlete/non-athlete ratios.

As always, it is important for everyone in our community to remember to practice social distancing, wash their hands frequently, and wear their mask properly.  Monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and notify Health Services immediately if you notice symptoms. 

The NCAA has provided significant guidance to ensure the safety of all and WPU is in full compliance and has also elevated all recommendations. 

Ask the Expert: Submit your COVID related health questions to Dr. Scott and questions will be answered in future communications. SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS

MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS: How are YOU taking care of yourself each day?

For more information on how to care for yourself:

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