Weekly Student Communication (TUG + SPS) | March 3, 2021

WPU Student community, 

This week is Founders Day of Giving (3/11) and we hope you can participate as this is a great opportunity to support WPU and learn about the importance and impact of giving.

COVID Corner with Dr. Scott, WPU University Physician

Back to the Basics. It has been almost one year since we first started seeing images like the one below.  I do not think we imagined that we would still need to be diligent in our practice of these tips a year later.  Yet here we are, March 2021, and we are still working together to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Let’s not let up our guard so we can finish the semester strong!  Please be mindful of the tips below… we can do this, Pacers!

Ask the Expert: Submit your COVID related health questions to Dr. Scott and questions will be answered in future communications. SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS

MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS: How are YOU taking care of yourself each day?

Check out these Mental Health Apps that are recommended by The Counseling Center!
Apps can be found on Google Play or Apple Play stores. 

  • Intellect App: An app dedicated to helping you improve yourself in the current issues you are having from productivity to depression that is tailored to you based on your identity. It uses small assessments and simple activities to create progress.
  • COVID Coach: This app helps manage stress, track your mood, and find resources all within the context of the COVID pandemic. It also allows you to set reminders to check the app every day. 
  • Card decks: This app is tailored for people in relationships, but can also be used for personal communication skills. It provides prompts of various topics to spark important conversations that may not be happening between you and your partner. This app can be a huge help for boosting communication in your relationship with others.  Some of the subjects include:  Expressing feelings, expressing needs, and showing appreciation.
  • Daylio: An app that answers the bullet journal craze with a place to make lists that help towards a user’s goals. It is designed to help you take better track of your goals, exercise, diet, or any self care while also acting as a mood tracker. 
  • Mindtools: This give you access to hundreds of articles every day that inform users on necessary skills to thrive in whatever context they are in. There are articles on subjects like developing charisma, standing up for your beliefs. It can also be useful for developing professional skills as well. 

Meditation Apps

  • Mellow: Is a music meditation app that is simple to start. All you have to do is enter your name and the app instantly collects contexts like the time of day and whether to play music to work, sleep, focus, or relax to!
  • Calm: A tool that focuses on creating a center of mind throughout the day to reduce anxieties. 
  • 10% Happier: App and website that is free and guided by experts to help those new to meditation and are unsure if meditation is for them.
  • Headspace: A perfect companion for an avid fan of meditation. Great for moments when the mind feels like it will not settle.

Additional Wellness Resources

  • A Friend Asks”: a free nationally affiliated smart-phone app that helps provide the information, tools and resources to help a friend (or yourself) who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide.
  • A website that gives you any resources you need to understand mental health and provides resources to aid in diagnosis and recovery. 
  • The Counseling Center at WPU: Email to get more information or to set up an appointment.

We will continue to send out weekly emails to include updates and highlights of timely information to ensure a successful semester. These communications will continue to be added to

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