Weekly Student Communication (TUG + SPS) | March 17, 2021

WPU Student community, 

Across North Carolina, and the country, the distribution of COVID vaccinations continues to surge and this is good news. Currently Group 3 is eligible as frontline essential workers and this includes workers in the following environments: child care, PreK-12 and school/higher education. 

Beginning today (March 17th), Group 4 will be eligible and includes those who are at high-risk. On April 7th, people in close group living settings (on-campus housing) will also become eligible. Some vaccine providers may not be ready to open to Group 4 on these dates if they are experiencing high demand for vaccines in Groups 1 through 3.

As we continue to wear our masks, practice social distancing, avoid large crowds and washing hands, know that the vaccination will be soon available to you. Let’s not drop our guard down now—when we are in the final stretch of the semester (and hopefully of this pandemic).

Get Ready: When you are eligible for COVID vaccination; make sure you take the time to schedule your appointment/s.

Get Vaccinated: Let’s all do our part and get vaccinated (whenever it is available to you). At this time, the University is not an approved vaccination site, please be sure to click here to find local sites.

Get Happy: As more and more individuals are vaccinated, there will be greater opportunities for getting back to normal. 

COVID Corner with Dr. Scott, WPU University Physician

How will the vaccine change things?

We have been waiting expectantly for the COVID-19 vaccine to arrive.  Now it’s almost here – so what will it really mean?

Recent (March 8) CDC recommendations for fully vaccinated persons were a little mood dampening, because it didn’t seem like restrictions really changed that much after vaccination.  However, this was in the context of vaccinated individuals within a community of non-vaccinated persons.  When the entire community is also vaccinated, our world will change dramatically. But this will depend on each of us getting the vaccine – we can’t depend on everyone else doing our job for us.

Once everyone is vaccinated, we will be able to spend time with friends indoors and outside without masks or physical distance. We won’t have to be in a constant worry about having to quarantine for 2 weeks following random exposures. We’ll be able to go to concerts and sporting events, though probably still wearing a mask.  It will truly feel like the dark gloom and fear has been lifted from our shoulders!    

The vaccine is coming, and coming soon!  Be happy and be responsible.  Get the vaccine when it is offered to you, and make sure your friends get theirs.  And don’t let your guard down in the home stretch of this horrible pandemic marathon we have lived through for the last 12 months.

Stay tuned for further updates about when and where you can get your vaccine! 

Ask the Expert: Submit your COVID related health questions to Dr. Scott and questions will be answered in future communications. SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS

MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS: How are YOU taking care of yourself each day?

When was the last time you said “I’m so stressed out?”  Our guess is it may not have been long ago.  Let’s take a closer look at stress.

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