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Living On Campus

Living on campus is all about building community, making friends, and having the experience to be immersed in the on-campus experience. Although there may be some changes to the community on campus, the Residence Life and Housing staff is still committed to creating dynamic environments within our own campus residence halls and at Village Green.

You can expect to have more frequent interactions with your Resident Assistant through biweekly virtual check ins. We will also help you connect with your fellow Pacers through passive opportunities like social media challenges, virtual game nights, and meet and greets.

During these challenging times, we know that wellness is critical to our Pacer’s success. We will put more focus into wellness initiatives such as Meditation and Stress Management workshops. Additionally, Resident Assistants within each community will be hosting passive and/or virtual social programs throughout the semester so our Pacers can feel connected with the people within their residential community.

We will continue to partner closely with other offices to provide a social, academic, and career focused experience to all of our students within the WPU community.  Lastly, we are still planning to utilize our lounge spaces but you can expect to see furniture changes as we accommodate for 10 or less people and social distancing. If you have questions related to the on campus experience or suggestions for how we can make living on campus enjoyable this year, please email

Guest Policy

The WPU Residence Hall Guest Policy will be significantly reduced in an effort to prioritize the health and safety of everyone on campus. Visitors outside of the WPU Community will not be allowed in the residence halls or at Village Green.  Residential Students will be allowed 1 guest in their individual room per resident and no overnight guests will be permitted or the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters.

Submit a Violation of Safety Protocols

All submissions will be reviewed to determine relevance as we cannot assume all reports are accurate.  You may be contacted for follow-up details.

Key Dates:

January 15 - 17: Move-In for Residential Students

January 18: MLK Holiday | MLK Day of Service

January 20: Spring Semester Classes Begin (TUG)*

January 25: SPS Session I and 14-week Session Classes Begin*

February 24: Pacer Day

March 13: Last Day of SPS Session I classes

March 15: SPS Session II Classes begin

April 5: Registration for Fall Sester Opens (TUG)

April 13: Showcase (No Classes)

April 28: Last Day of Classes (TUG)

*First two weeks of classes will be conducted virtual with on-campus residential experience.

View WPU Academic Calendar


WPU’s dining staff is excited to welcome our Pacers back to campus. Belk Dining Hall will be set up to allow for physical distancing and provide an enjoyable dining experience with various safety and sanitation measures in place. Some changes that you can expect include:

  • Touchless entry options and enhanced sanitation procedures in the entryway, including touchless hand sanitizing stations.
  • Plexiglass barriers placed at serving counters and cash registers and enhanced cleaning protocols for surfaces.
  • Increased takeout options and use of disposable to-go utensils for students who are more comfortable eating in their residence hall rooms or other areas of campus.
  • Managed traffic flow that allows for physical distancing with signage and designated entrance and exit points.
  • No self-service stations at any dining venue upon re-opening. These will instead become served stations. For example, the salad bar will be rotated between made-to-order salads by a Sodexo employee or a salad action station to provide variety.
  • Menu toppings and condiments will be portioned by Sodexo employees.
    We will have reduced capacity in the dining hall and utilize physical distancing and plexiglass barriers with dining seating.
  • We are also exploring new options for late-night dining options, Sandella’s, and Peace Perk as we know everyone has to have their coffee in the morning.

Join the WPU Community in taking the #PacerPreparedPledge

As a member of the William Peace University Community, I pledge to do my part in keeping our community in good health as I return to the City of Raleigh and to the WPU campus.

I understand I have a role in the fight against COVID-19 and commit to responsible actions and to being an accountable member of both the WPU and Raleigh community.

I pledge to uphold the values of WPU every day by demonstrating commitment to community, excellence with integrity and supporting my university by:

  • Following public health guidelines in place to help protect myself and others.
  • Protecting myself and others in high-traffic areas of campus or situations where physical distancing isn’t possible to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Keeping my hands clean and sanitized while on campus, around Raleigh and at home.
  • Wearing a mask or face covering when appropriate on campus and around Raleigh.
  • Adhering to capacity limits in social situations to prevent high-spread scenarios.
  • Modifying my actions and encouraging others to do the same as guidelines and recommendations adapt over time.

I pledge to respectfully hold members of the WPU community accountable for upholding the guidelines of the Pacer Prepared Pledge and commit to sharing any concerning behavior that puts the community at risk.

By taking the pledge to keep the WPU community in good health, I accept responsibility for myself and my actions and will do my best to contribute to a healthy living and learning environment.



 We want all of our Pacers to feel a sense of belonging here on campus, which is why there will be campus events throughout the semester, all of which we are planning in a way that abides by the health and safety guidelines set by the University. Winter Welcome Week is scheduled for January 18th-22nd. Student Involvement will continue to offer virtual events, while in-person events will be based on the on-going regulations set in place from COVID-19. Outdoor events will be limited to 50 people and all indoor events will be limited to 25 people. For every in-person event, students must wear masks, and social distancing will be continuously monitored and enforced. We are enforcing this by spacing out tables or sitting areas appropriately. Students must sign-up via PacerEngage beforehand and check-in for every event they attend. We will be limiting the amount of food at events and pre-wrapping everything that is served. Hand sanitizer will be available at every event. Gloves will be provided when necessary.

Please note that the in-person Purpose @ Peace Student Engagement Fair was moved online and can be accessed HERE.

All details such as schedules, event registration, event updates and other relevant information will be communicated via email and social media. Make sure to follow us: @wpustudentlife to stay updated. We are excited to work together to continue to build community, as Pacers! If you have any questions about events and programming on campus, please email


WPU is a community that values our many traditions and pride.  Our campus values the connectedness of our community and celebrates the events that take place year after year.  However, the safety of our community is our top priority. Please note that many of our traditions will look different this year!  Our Student Government Association has worked hard to reimagine events such as the Traditions Dinner and the Holiday Celebration to ensure the Pacer student experience remains intact.  

Our student leaders and Office of Student Involvement team are excited to continue working hard to provide safe experiences that all of our students can look forward to!  Our traditions and events will continue to take place by practicing social distancing, implementing virtual programming and maintaining a safe capacity for attendance at each event.

All details about traditions will be communicated from the Student Government Association via social media (@williampeacesga) and The Pacer Newsletter. If there are student concerns or suggestions, please email


WPU is home to 25+ Registered Student Organizations (RSOs).  These RSOs are vital to the success and vibrancy of student life on campus and provide programs, a sense of belonging and various leadership experiences to our Pacers.  This year our RSO leaders will continue to provide our campus community with opportunities that align with the CDC guidelines.  RSOs will host meetings virtually or in small groups, provide physically distant programs, and will participate in virtual training opportunities to further their development as leaders.  

While RSO programming will abide by the health and safety guidelines set by the University and state of North Carolina, our RSOs will remain actively engaged in the WPU throughout the semester.  If you have any questions about joining an RSO or creating your own organization, please contact  We look forward to connecting with you.

Service and Civic Engagement

WPU students, faculty and staff are active in our community, the city of Raleigh, and the world beyond. The Office of Student Involvement is planning fun, impactful, and safe community service and civic engagement events throughout the semester that will allow WPU to still make a difference. MLK Day of Service is Monday, January 18th. A variety of other service events and projects will be held throughout the semester. 

All details such as schedules, event registration, event updates and other relevant information will be communicated via email and social media. Make sure to follow us: @wpustudentlife to stay updated. No matter the situation, you will find the Pacer community making an impact! If you have any questions about service or civic engagement, please email

WPU Calendar of Events