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Health + Safety

Are there restrictions on outdoor gatherings?

Yes, outdoor gatherings are limited to 50 participants with proper physical/social distancing and mask wearing. Keep in mind that larger group gatherings can present more risk so while the State of NC allows gatherings of this size, the University may not endorse these types of events. The priority must be to minimize the spread of the virus so that we can stay on campus.

Are these health and safety policies of WPU just for campus?

WPU is following the state mandated rules and expect you to follow these protocols off campus to ensure the health and safety of our community on your return from off-campus activities.

We have implemented additional health and safety protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID and ensure that we can maintain our in-person, residential experience and have necessary personnel onsite. Our priority is always the health and safety of our community campus and we will continue to monitor and respond to needs. 

Some of these safety policies are specific to the WPU campus community. 

What are some of the enhancements by the University to ensure a safe environment?

William Peace University has done extensive changes to enhance the health and wellbeing of the entire community. Including improved air quality in several buildings, heightened and increased cleaning schedules for common areas, reconfiguring of academic and office spaces to reduce density and elevate social distancing, changes in traffic flows (entry and exit points), installation of hand sanitizers across the campus, signage to ensure compliance and the importance of everyone doing their part, and additional cleaning supplies across campus.

We will continue to monitor and implement changes as we identify needs.

What is the plan for the Pacer athletic teams?

As an athletic department, our first consideration is for the health, wellbeing and safety of the William Peace Pacer student-athletes. Our final decisions are guided by the CDC, state and county laws, as well as NCAA and USA South Conference guidelines. On 7/28/2020, USA South Athletic Conference announced they will postpone conference competition for fall sports through the end of 2020 due to the concerns of COVID-19: READ STORY .

You can learn more about the NCAA resocialization of sports here:

How will dining be handled in light of COVID-19?

The Dining Hall has been redesigned with a physical layout that allows for social distancing, appropriate barriers and directional signage, sanitizing stations overflow seating, and safety measures provided by Sodexo, our food service provider. We also found great success in providing additional to-go options as well as encouraging students to take advantage of other seating arrangements, including the 2nd floor of Belk as well as outdoor seating (weather permitting) and we will continue with these safety measures in the spring.

What do I do if I wish to have a private room? What is the cost for this?

Newly deposited students will receive access to the Housing Application upon completion of their deposit. The Housing Application email will include your general application and the private room request form. You must complete both documents. For Returning Students or New Students who have already submitted a Housing Application, housing assignments are being emailed on a rolling basis. If you have any questions, email

  • Private rooms can be up to $750.00 more per semester dependent on the residence hall to which you are assigned. WPU understands that each individual student’s health and financial needs are unique and we are working to ensure every Pacer is assigned to a space that allows them to feel safe and at home.

Will parents be able to visit students on campus?

We understand that students’ parents and family members want to visit during the semester. However in an effort to prioritize the health and safety of everyone on campus, visitors outside of the WPU Community will not be allowed in the residence halls or at VIllage Green. We encourage family members to limit their visits to open, outdoor spaces.

Can students still go home on the weekends?

The risk of exposure to COVID-19 grows with each interaction. To minimize the risk of spreading illness both on and off campus and at home, we strongly discourage residential students from leaving campus unless absolutely necessary.   If students must leave campus, safety precautions should be followed, including wearing face coverings, maintaining social distancing, frequent hand washing, and avoiding contact with anyone who is ill or is possibly ill.

Will there be a quarantine period for out-of-state families?

At this time, we are not requiring a quarantine period for out-of-state students or families. However, we encourage all members of our community to get tested if they are symptomatic or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19. If you have access to testing prior to departing leaving home, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity.

Residency + Student Life

Will Peace Perk be open?

Yes, Peace Perk will be open. We are exploring creative options to manage the traffic flow for Peace Perk.

What will programs/activities look like on campus?

We are working on creating safe and engaging experiences for our Pacers this upcoming semester. We will provide virtual and low-risk programming experiences that meet CDC and WPU guidelines. As we consider low-risk and virtual programs, students will have the opportunity to choose from events including, but not limited to, gaming tournaments, Zumba on the Lawn, virtual comedy shows, trivia nights and more! Stay connected on social media with @wpustudentlife, @williampeacecab and @williampeacesga for the latest updates on how you can get involved.

How will the dining hall be set up / operate in the fall? How is dining going to work in regards to COVID-19?

Belk Dining Hall will be set up to allow for physical distancing and provide an enjoyable dining experience with various safety and sanitation measures in place. Changes that you can expect include:

  •  Touchless entry options and enhanced sanitation procedures in the entryway, including touchless hand sanitizing stations.
  • Plexiglass barriers placed at serving counters and cash registers, which will be cleaned every two hours or sooner if needed. Credit card machines, touch screens, keyboards, etc., will be cleaned and disinfected after each customer.
  • Increased takeout options and use of disposable to-go utensils for students who are more comfortable eating in their residence hall rooms or other areas of campus.
  • Managed traffic flow that allows for physical distancing with signage and designated entrance and exit points.
  • No self-service stations at any dining venue upon re-opening. These will instead become served stations. For example, the salad bar will be rotated between made-to-order salads by a Sodexo employee or a salad action station to provide variety.
  • All tabletop items will be removed such as condiments, spices, salt/pepper shakers, napkins and disposable flatware. Menu toppings and condiments will be portioned by Sodexo employees.

We will have reduced capacity in the dining hall and utilize physical distancing and plexiglass barriers with dining seating.

What is the University’s policy on masks?

All students, faculty, staff and guests are required to wear a mask when outside and physical distancing cannot be observed, around campus, in residence halls, and in classrooms. The University will supply two masks to each student, staff and faculty member. Residential students are required to wear a face covering or mask in all common spaces of the residence halls. Residential students are not required to wear masks or face coverings in their individual rooms alone or with their roommate (although face coverings are encouraged in this environment if students are not alone). For in-person tutoring, face masks are required. 

If you need to be exempt from wearing a mask for medical reasons, you need written documentation from your primary care physician uploaded into the “medication” section of your Magnus Health portal.

Financial Matters

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How will the University create safety in classrooms?

Classroom instruction have been modified to meet WPU Health Standards, as well as local, state, and CDC guidelines. This includes face coverings, appropriate social distancing, reconfiguration of classroom spaces, and adjustment of classroom capacities. For more information, please visit Academic Affairs for the description of each delivery method.

SPS Student Specific

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Archived FAQs

SPRING 2020: Are incomplete grades an option?

Incomplete Grades

Incomplete grades may be given according to usual policy. A student may request that the faculty member consider granting an Incomplete grade. The deadline for completion of work for Incomplete grades will be extended to September 30, 2020.

SPRING 2020: How will an ‘incomplete’ grade affect when I receive my degree?

Degree Conferrals

Degrees are typically conferred for graduating seniors at the end of each term in May, August, and December. This year, WPU will provide additional degree conferral dates in Summer and Fall 2020 to accommodate students who complete their requirements at different times due to Incomplete grades and other factors. This will assist graduates who need official transcripts noting that the degree has been conferred  for employment and graduate school applications.

SPRING 2020: How does Pass/Fail affect Dean’s List?

Dean’s List Recognitions

Recognitions will still be awarded in Spring 2020 with the following additional guidance. A student will be eligible for Dean’s List recognition (Dean’s Scholar, Dean’s List with Distinction, Dean’s List) if he/she meets the GPA requirements and earns a minimum of 12 credits on a letter grade scale, even if additional credits are elected as Pass/Fail. Dean’s List GPA requirements can be found in the Academic Catalog.

SPRING 2020: How does Pass/Fail work?

Pass/Fail Grading Option

Students may elect to take one or more courses on a Pass/Fail basis. 

  • Passing (P) grades will be final grades of A, B, C, or D.
  • The instructor will enter a final letter grade and will not be informed if a student elects the Pass/Fail grading option. The student may choose to inform the instructor.
  • For courses elected on a Pass/Fail basis, the final grade on the transcript will be changed to P or F.
  • Grades of P will count as attempted and earned credits and will not affect the GPA. Grades of F will count as attempted credits, and will be calculated in the GPA.
  • If a course taken on a Pass/Fail basis is a prerequisite for another course, the reported final  letter grade will be used to determine if the student may progress into the next course.

How will the University create safety in classrooms? (updated 6.18.2020)

Plans are being made to adjust classroom instruction to meet the WPU Health Standards, as well as local, state, and CDC guidelines. This will include face coverings, appropriate social distancing, reconfiguration of classroom spaces, and adjustment of classroom capacities. Additional details will be available closer to the start of Fall 2020 classes.

What will classes and classrooms look like this fall?

Some courses will be offered virtually, and may have online class sessions at the scheduled class meeting time. Additionally, courses may have live-stream options or recordings available. Classroom spaces are being reconfigured to accommodate 6-foot physical distancing. Some classes will be moved to larger spaces to ensure distancing.

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