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Hello WPU Community!

My name is Josh Hawkins and I am a staff member in the HR Office at WPU. I’ve served our faculty, staff, and students in hiring and onboarding for a little over two years and greatly enjoy the opportunity to be a resource for our awesome campus community. In my time here, I’ve never been more impressed with our campus’ commitment to one another’s well being than in our response to COVID-19 this fall semester. Even so, though our commitment to community has been on full display during this season, there’s no denying the impact social separation, anxiety, and stress has had on us all individually.

I’d love to share a few things that I’ve tried to do to overcome these feelings of loneliness and fear during this crazy time. I hope these tips are helpful!

Get Outside: I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but 30 minutes of crisp fall air on a stressful day can be… well… a breath of fresh air! One thing I’ve found is that on days when the list of things to do stacks up, usually the first thing to go is my evening walk with my dog, Groot. When that’s the case, I just do something I would usually do inside, outside! Eating a meal outside, sending a few emails from the front porch, or even taking my morning reading to the patio is a great way to get some fresh air on a busy day.

Get Connected: This is a tough one since, for many of us, this has looked a lot different at various times this year. But, being distant doesn’t mean being alone. Whether you’re stuck at home with family or in an apartment or dorm by yourself, make it a point to keep connected and avoid making yourself an island. It might be harder than usual and you may have to get creative, but actively seek out companionship in a safe way. 

Get Better: While it might be true that we are still busy with our day to day, the reality is, when it comes to filling our “free time,” our options have been a little more limited than usual. Instead of binging Hulu, playing video games, or spending time on your phone yet again (which, trust me, I’ve done ALL of these!) switch it up and spend that time investing in yourself! Got a hobby you’ve been wanting to get into? Want to learn a new song on your guitar? Interested in learning more about something that interests you in a book you’ve been wanting to check out? Do it! This is such an excellent opportunity for us to better ourselves as people.

While I’m sure they’re nothing you haven’t heard before, I hope these tips are a helpful as we continue through this unprecedented year. We’ve got this, Pacers!

Josh Hawkins, MBA

Human Resources Consultant

Key Dates:

August 10: Campus opens

August 19: Classes Start (TUG)

August 24: SPS Session I + 14-week Session Classes Begin

September 7: Labor Day (Observed)

October 12: SPS Session II Classes Begin

November 23-27: SPS Break

November 24: Last Day of  Face-to-Face Classes

November 30: Last Day of Classes (TUG)

December 5: Last Day of SPS Session II + 14-week Session Classes

December 9:  End of Fall Semester


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